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Oracle databases

Abakus started working with Oracle databases when it was at version 5. They have been working with it ever since.

They have extensive experiences in working with Oracle databases. The majority of their services in this field falls to Oracle DB maintenance (DBA maintenance) in public and private sector.

Abakus is an Oracle Gold partner. They employ Oracle Certified Professional experts for DB versions 9, 10, 11 and 12. They can help in resolving very complex Oracle DB situations, they have good knowledge of highly available databases (Oracle RAC), they frequently optimize and upgrade databases to newest versions.

In 1995 when Oracle did not officially support Linux, they successfully migrated Oracle database RDBMS 7.1.5 and Forms 3.0 into GNU/Linux environment.

Abakus constantly strives to increase it's employees knowledge. This is done through everyday work and through Oracle's courses and exams. They share their extensive knowledge with Oracle community by holding lectures at annual Oracle User Group meetings. They regularly attend technical conferences organized by Oracle user groups in Slovenia (SiOUG), Croatia (HROUG) and Serbia (SrOUG). Their goal is to spread their knowledge amongst other Oracle users that visit their lectures.

You can read most of their lectures by clicking this link.

Oracle Gold Partner Specialized 11g Oracle OCP Database 12c