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Sponsoring and speaking at CECC 2018 conference

On November 15th and 16th second Central European Cybersecurity Conference (CECC 2018) is taking place in Ljubljana. Abakus is sponsoring the conference and we will speak about how to dramatically increase value of your backups.

Lecture: Deja-Vu: Added value of keeping you data safe - Urh Srečnik

Dominate you development and test environment!

Click your test and development databases to life in a few minutes!

Set-up development, testing, reporting DBs using Web GUI instantly!
Which DBs? Oracle and MS SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL coming soon.
What size DBs: regardless of DB size bring-up test and development DBs in minutes.
How? With Abakus Deja Vu.
Want to know more? Write to us:

More about Deja Vu >>

Do you control your backups?

Simply managed backups that always work!

Backup and restore management appliance:
• Makes PITR (Point In Time Recovery) straightforward and useful.
Several years of full history (deduplication and compression).
• Access historical data in minutes for any time in recorded history.
• Backups are created continuously as data is created.
ZERO production impact so you can use off hours to do useful things and not worry when backups will finish.
• Straightforward Web GUI.
• Use Backup server instead of your production SAN until it is repaired.
• When SAN is fixed restore data from Backup server.
• Databases Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL in PostreSQL coming soon, virtual machines and files.
• Want to know more? Write to us:

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APEX SearchNavigationMenu plugin

Abakus employee Andrej Grlica developed SearchNavigationMenu plugin for quickly searching through APEX applications navigation menus. Plugin is especially useful in applications with vast navigation menus, when clicking through menus becomes quite time consuming.

Plugin and all information about it can be found here: here.

APEX: New Look & Feel for Radio Group in Oracle APEX 5.1

With Oracle Application Express version 5.1 we are getting lots of new features. Among most notable or exposed are for sure Interactive Grids, JET Charts and Live Template Options. But we can also find some smaller (and really nice) enhancements. One of this is new look and feel of Radio Group item.

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