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Fresh insight

Abakus plus emloyees presented six lectures to the visitors of this year's SIOUG and HrOUG conferences. In Abakus we believe that knowledhe should be shared and this is why we invite you to read the presentations from these lectures:

APEX Shared Components v2
Oracle and SQL Server database architectures compared from data restoration point of view
SSD and Oracle
Value Added Backup

Read through Abakus's presentations from other events: LECTURES.

APEX SearchNavigationMenu plugin

Abakus employee Andrej Grlica developed SearchNavigationMenu plugin for quickly searching through APEX applications navigation menus. Plugin is especially useful in applications with vast navigation menus, when clicking through menus becomes quite time consuming.

Plugin and all information about it can be found here: here.

Audit trail User Manual

User manual for our audit tral software solution Arbiter is available.

Arbiter will take care of your audit trail needs.

Take a look at web user manual, or download it in PDF format.

Read more about Arbiter.

Upgrade safely to Oracle 12c

Rent Abakus Backup server! (Single-Instance & RAC)

Take control over Oracle database upgrade procedure:

  • Plug Abakus Backup server into your environment and set-up a standby database on it.
  • Temporarily replace the production database with network attached backup database which will get upgraded to Oracle 12c.
  • If upgrade fails at any stage, discard the backup database and prepare a new one within minutes for the next attempt.
  • If upgrade time frame is exceeded, switch the production database over momentarily and reschedule the upgrade.
  • If upgrade is successful, replace the old production database with the upgraded backup database.

Contact us to find out how you can upgrade to Oracle 12c safely!

* This type of upgrade supports all versions of Oracle database.

APEX: New Look & Feel for Radio Group in Oracle APEX 5.1

With Oracle Application Express version 5.1 we are getting lots of new features. Among most notable or exposed are for sure Interactive Grids, JET Charts and Live Template Options. But we can also find some smaller (and really nice) enhancements. One of this is new look and feel of Radio Group item.

Complete blog ...

Deja Vu

Production database virtualization:

- operations continuation when production fails
- testing upgrades on production data
- testing data processing procedures on production data
- application development, testing and verification on production data
Abakus plus developed a way to virtualize production database. One or more production database virtual copies of can be made available to many users. Deja Vu is a peace of software for creating virtual database copies on demand (DBaaS – Database as a Service or DaaS – Data as a Service). Setting up virtual databases using Deja Vu is simple and fast (GUI), therefore it
significantly reduces operational costs..

More about Deja Vu >>

Active Backup Server

More than just backup!

Real time backup, without production impact!
Instant data recovery!
Takes up minimal amount of disk space.
Use if for R&D, testing and verification on real data!
Backs-up databases, filesystems and virtual machines.

More about Active Backup Server >>